I just upgraded to Artisan and it was SO easy!!? A couple of clicks and all my content/tags/categories and current projects from Storybook are transferred over:)? And I didn’t even have to consult my hubby (ie. my personal techie).? Thank you Artisan!

Storybook will only be supported by Panstoria until the end of this year, so upgrade today to Artisan–all the things you love about Storybook, only better:)

I know that I have not been in touch with many of you recently, but I wanted to figure out what my plans were before I updated all of you…? I have placed 3 links on this page currently (soon to be 4) and those will be the primary focus of my new evolving business.

The Retreats link will have information about upcoming retreat/workshops.? At this time, I am going to stop doing my monthly workshops and focus on doing 3-4 retreats a year instead.? I know many of you look forward to your monthly getaway and am sorry I won’t be able to accommodate you, but am hoping the retreats will make up for it.? I know some of you won’t be able to make it to every one and am hoping I can have a “one day” option too so no one will feel like their scrapbooking time suffers:)

The Panstoria link is for Digi customers.? Panstoria is the company who created Memory Manager and Storybook Creator for Creative Memories.? They will support those software programs only until the end of this year~December 31, 2013.? If you would like to continue using them, I would suggest you upgrade to their current software, Historian and Artisan.? I have become an affiliate with Panstoria, so if you choose to buy their products, please click on the links under Panstoria so I will get credit for your purchases.? They also offer printing but I do not receive any commission on this and their choices are quite limited.? I will be printing through my CM upline Madelyn Brownell who is starting her own business!? She will have her website up soon and I will make this my 4th link to serve for your printing needs.? They will have calendars and albums in the same sizes, as well as some new sizes.? Madelyn has partnered with a company she believes to be the same (if not better) in quality as Creative Memories at even more competitive prices!

Welcome to my new website!? It’s still a work in progress, so bear with me…? I’m hoping it will be a place for you to come and find out all the exciting and new changes with my business.? If you don’t find what you are looking for, contact me (you should have my email or cell number!).

Thanks for stopping by!? Come back again soon:)