Artisan is like using Storybook Creator 5.0 since it has Memory Manager’s incredible photo editing tools included in the software. It’s only $39.95. It’s a download that is easy to install and literally takes one click to have all your projects, artwork, kits, codes, everything so that it’s now ready to use in Artisan (you can upgrade to Artisan from any other version of Storybook).? Same software that you’ve come to love only better.?? Artisan can also be installed on two computers!

If you are currently using Storybook Creator 4.0, you’ll want to upgrade to Artisan by clicking here

Panstoria Artisan digital scrapbooking software

Digital kits and templates previously offered through CM are now available to purchase til March 2014.

Artwork & Predesigned pages are here

Panstoria Digital Content

***Have you ever had an empty activation code that you weren’t sure what kit it belongs too???? Panstoria has this handy link to paste in your codes with missing kits and then download the kits right then.? It’s so awesome!!***

All of your vaults, photos, tags, etc. (from any Memory Manager version) will easily import right into this updated software.? Historian is also $39.95.

If you are currently using Memory Manager 4.0, you’ll want to upgrade to Historian by clicking here

Panstoria Historian

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