To print, I am using Madelyn’s website and I hope you will too!? You are going to love your many options, quality and PRICES!

Here are some of the highlights of this new printer option:

  • The owner, Mark Hancock, knows printing.? He’s 2nd generation, and has been printing for 40 years.? He’s been wonderful to work with and is open to ideas and improvements.
  • Heavy pages. Archival stitched binding up to 120 pages, or you can go up to 400 pages with an archival glue.?
  • Lifetime-time-of-use guarantee, fabulous quality and quick turn around. (3-4 business days, located in Murray, Utah)
  • Fabulous sharing options through email and facebook.
  • Books can be printed in three orientations: Square, Landscape or Portrait. And there are 5-6 sizes in each (anywhere from a 3×4 up to a 12×12)
  • Design your books in Artisan/Storybook using any template you choose (or design your own) and then upload the pages. After you upload, choose if you’ve made a Square book/pages, Landscape or Portrait.? Then at Checkout you can choose any of the sizes in that same shape.? For example, if you uploaded 12×12 pages/book, you can select 8×8, 4×4, or any of the square sizes at checkout.
  • You can choose from 4 different covers.? Design your own cover (called Pure Photo) or choose a solid color in either Linen (15 colors) or Bonded Leather (3 colors)? Or upgrade to the luxurious genuine leather book (15 colors).? You can see the colors available by scrolling down to the bottom of the pricing pages of each of the following: